Saltwater Fish

Saltwater fish

Saltwater Fish

If you're looking for saltwater fish to add to your aquarium for your home or business, look no further than Aquarium Paradise of Lakewood, WA.

Check Out Our Selection Of Saltwater Fish

You won’t be disappointed with the large selection of healthy saltwater fish that are available for purchase at Aquarium Paradise.

Count on our fish hobbyists to provide you with the best customer service around town when choosing your saltwater fish for your home or business aquarium.

Additionally, we carry purified natural salt water, cured live rock, and life rock. Not sure if we have what you're looking for; call us today at 253-584-FISH (3474).

A Large Selection Of Saltwater Fish

•  Clown fish
•  Angelfish
•  Tangs
•  Butterfly fish
•  Lionfish
•  Triggers
•  Eels
•  Stingrays
•  And much more
253-584-FISH (3474)
You'll love the low prices at
Aquarium Paradise.
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